drink bottle MOQ 10000PCS  produce

Green wine bottle 2670 2652, ice wine bottle 500ml 375ml inventory quantity of a tray
The factory production of high borosilicate glass tube glass rod can be OEM welcomed the Advisory

produce double layer  cup

      Guangzhou Mingying Glassware co., ltd. is specilized in the design, production and sales of glass products.  Cover an area of 30000 square meters.  The factory mainly has machine repression and blowing.  There are 5 producing lines of pressed glass and 3 producling lines of  blowing bottles.  There are 880 workers in factory, 29 persons in technical department, 15 persons in marketting department,  12 persons in documentary department.  We introduced the glass/bottle automaticly detection equipment from Germany.  Mainly use high-white material, to meet the requirements of customers,we also use crystal-white material.  Our main glassware products include: glass tumbler, glass ashtray, liquor glass, red wine glass, sealed b…More

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